The Who does Quadrophenia and More

Date: February 1, 2013
City: Oakland, CA
Venue: Oracle Arena
Artist: The Who
Opening Act(s): Vintage Trouble

The Who

I wouldn’t say I’m a huge The Who fan. I know a few songs and vaguely remember Elton John in “Tommy The Movie”. Since I’m on a mission to see the legends I had to go and I am glad I did.

These guys are musicians! This is a show you can enjoy even if you don’t know the words to every song or any song. They performed all of Quadrophenia and few other hits like “Pinball Wizard”, “Who Are You” and “Behind Blue Eyes”.

All the instruments sounded great. Pete Townshend still knows how to play the hell out of a guitar. The only sound issue was at times you couldn’t hear Roger Daltrey’s voice. I’m guessing his voice needed to warm up and that was at the beginning of the show. As time went on he would belt out something and sounded just as good as the album.

I admit it was sometimes hard to see Roger Daltrey move on stage. Having never seen him in their heyday I can’t really compare. But it can be sad to see people appear to not move as well as they used to. I could have done without the unbuttoning of his shirt as the night went on. He’s pretty fit for his age, but not something I find sexy.

The opening act, Vintage Trouble, was fantastic as well. They are a band from Los Angeles with a 50s/60s rock and roll sound. I love music you can clap along to. Their lead singer, Ty Taylor, knows how to work a stage and an audience. Several people were standing up and clapping along – a rare accomplishment for most opening bands.

This show was a great way to start my 2013 concert season.

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