Bikram Yoga for Pirates

Date: October 18, 2012
City: San Francisco, CA
Venue: The Regency Ballroom
Artist: Adam Ant
Opening Act(s): Brothers of Brazil

Adam Ant

I knew Adam Ant wasn’t looking too hot these days. Not that I found him attractive in the 80s. I saw a clip of his appearance on either “The Today Show” or “Good Morning America” on “The Soup”. He was dressed in his pirate outfit and seemed out of it. Of course I was going to make this show.

Most of the audience was dressed like pirates or something from one of his videos. It was fascinating. However, going to a show with rabid fans is a great experience. They get you into the show even if you aren’t as familiar with the artist’s music.

Adam Ant came out in his pirate costume, but the hat couldn’t hide the fact the he appears to have had a lot of work done – the pressures of eternal youth in the entertainment business. Turns out I recognized more songs than I thought I would, but was happy that he played the two I remember the most – “Wonderful” and “Goody Two Shoes”.

While The Regency Ballroom is a great smaller venue in San Francisco, they need to do something about improving the ventilation. It was ridiculously hot during this show. I’ve been to other shows here and had not previously experienced the sweatbox that the ballroom turned into. Another concertgoer said it best as we were leaving the show “That was like Bikram Yoga for pirates.”

Brothers of Brazil were the opening act. My first reaction when they came out on stage was “What the hell is this?” The band consists of two brothers from São Paulo. The drummer was in a kilt and wife beater. The guitarist was in a shiny suit. What kind of music would these two be playing looking like that? It ended up being a mix of punk and bossa nova. It took a few songs, but these guys won me over. You can actually here their show from the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco here.

Brothers of Brazil

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