Lisa Loeb Shines in Coffeehouse Setting

Date: February 21, 2013
City: San Francisco, CA
Venue: The Independent
Artist: Lisa Loeb
Opening Act(s): Satellite

Lisa Loeb

Lisa Loeb is touring to support her new album “No Fairy Tale”. I’ve been listening to and enjoying it on Spotify since I bought my ticket to her show. I love that she chose to promote her album at smaller venues. The Independent had an intimate set up with tables and chairs. It was like being in a coffee house.

She started her show with the title track of her new album. Her personality on stage was fun and witty. As she tuned her guitar between songs she would tell stories about what she had been doing on her tour. One story was about being interviewed and seeing the interviewers eyes pleading for her to wrap it up. The audience laughed when she did the look.

There was a portion of the show where she took requests. One of the requests, from a man in Hello Kitty glasses she met outside the club, was “How” from the movie “Twister”. As she started to play, she stopped and said something like “Wait, how does it go again?” She struggled a bit with the lyrics but made it through the whole song with help from the crowd. I respect her for not being afraid to do a song she doesn’t perform often because of fear of not knowing the words.

It was an absolute joy to watch her perform her knew songs as well as several of her classics – “Stay (I Missed You)”, “Do You Sleep?”, “I Do” and “Garden of Delights” included.

After the show she came out to signed autographs and take pictures with her fans. She was very sweet and talked to everyone without rushing people through. Bottom line is that Lisa Loeb is absolutely adorable and a must see if you have the chance.

Satellite, the opening band, didn’t really stand out to me. I was distracted by the drummer’s tongue hanging out like a dog with its head out of a car window as he played. The lead singer’s pants weren’t very tight, but I could still see where his boxer briefs ended on his thighs. There wasn’t a song that resonated with me. They’ve only been around a few years, I’m sure they will find their niche.

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