Maroon 5 Keeps Me Coming Back For More

Date: March 13, 2013
City: San Jose, CA
Venue: HP Pavilion
Artist: Maroon 5
Opening Act(s): Neon Trees, Owl City

Maroon 5

I had seen Maroon 5 twice before this. The last time was when they opened up for John Mayer in support of “Songs About Jane”. I loved them then and loved them this time around too.

They had a stage shaped like the “M” on their “It Won’t Be Soon Before Long” album. There were LED screens behind the band as well as under drummer Matt Flynn and keyboardist Jesse Carmichael. The graphics were very cool. At one point it looked like the band was in the ocean with waves crashing around them.

There was a small stage in the middle of the arena with a barricaded row between the floor seats. I looked up to the ceiling to see a ‘bridge’ that would be dropped down at some point during the show.

Maroon 5 performed a good mix of songs from all four albums. Lead singer Adam Levine worked the bottom half of that “M” engaging the crowd on both sides as well as the center of the arena. There was a moment when Adam was in the center and guitarist James Valentine was on the right. No one was on the first leg of the “M”. I think bassist Mickey Madden should have been on that leg but it appeared that his bass was plugged in with a long chord so he may not have been able to.

The bridge came down for the encore. This is when they did a few slower songs “She Will Be Loved” and “Daylight”, Adam’s favorite song on the “Overexposed” album. Throughout the show Adam got the crowd to sing along. The most memorable sing-a-long moment was during “She Will Be Loved”. He got half the arena to sing “She will be loved, she will be loved” and the other half to sing “I don’t mind spending every day, out on the corner in the pouring rain”.

Adam sincerely thanked the crowd for coming to their shows all of these years that they have been a band. At the end of the show the entire group gathered together to take a bow. I love when bands do this. I feel that it shows they truly like and respect each other and that no one person is more important than the other.

I enjoyed the show but felt that it wasn’t long enough. I mean who wouldn’t want to see more of Adam Levine? I will definitely see Maroon 5 again.

Neon Trees performed right before Maroon 5. This is the third time I’ve seen them as well. The last time was when they headlined The Fillmore last year. They were a great opener and got the crowd pumped. I can definitely see them headlining an arena soon.

Owl City was the first opener. They have some catchy tunes, but the lead singer’s voice was not great. It seemed to be drowned out by the band and wasn’t strong enough to be heard for many of the songs performed.

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