Steve Miller Band Gets the Crowd to “Dance, Dance, Dance”

Date: July 14, 2012
City: Mountain View, CA
Venue: Shoreline Amphitheater
Artist: Steve Miller Band
Opening Act(s): Pat Benatar, Greg Kihn Band

Steve Miller Band

There are many things about Steve Miller Band songs that stick in my head.

  • I had a client in the 90s that would often say “To quote Steve Miller, ‘Take the Money and Run’.”
  • “The Joker” reminds me of Semester at Sea
  • “Abracadabra” getting a lot of video play on MTV

The Steve Miller Band no longer has the original line up but I suppose all that really matters is that Steve Miller is still in the band because that is the voice everyone knows. I’m pretty sure the band played most, if not all, of the greatest hits album. That is the one album that I own and know pretty well.

This was another show where the crowd was on the older side. I like the older crowds. They know how to act at a rock show. You stand up and groove to the music even though you have an assigned seat.

Sonny Charles, an original member of the band, knew how to groove on stage. He had such charisma and moves even at the age of 72. I loved watching him feel the music.

Overall, I enjoyed the show. Another legend checked off my list.

Pat Benatar got the crowd “All Fired Up” before Steve Miller Band so much that she will be getting her own review despite not headlining this show. In my opinion she stole the show.

Greg Kihn Band opened up the show. The band is lead by Greg Kihn, a well-known DJ on KFOX in the Bay Area. He founded Kihncert in 2001. As he has been laid off from his KFOX gig, I wonder if the Kihncert will live on.

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