Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll at The Grafton on Sunset

Date: April 21, 2013
City: West Hollywood, CA
Venue: The Grafton on Sunset
Artist: Unknown
Opening Act(s): N/A

This is not a concert review, but it is music related as this is about a ‘band’ I overheard in the hotel room next door to mine. My first night in LA was spent at The Grafton on Sunset. This is a hotel fairly central to all the bars and clubs on The Sunset Strip. I stayed her my last night in LA five years ago. Unfortunately I forgot how thin the walls were and made the mistake of staying here again.

At 1:30am I heard the people in the room next door come ‘home’. This woke me up because it sounded like they were in my room. Next thing I know there is music being played I am assuming through a laptop. It definitely wasn’t like instruments. Over the course of the next couple of hours this is what I heard and surmised about the guys next door.

There were only two guys in the room – band mates. I couldn’t figure out if they had just come from a show or if maybe they were in town to meet with agents/record labels and then spent the night partying it up on The Strip. The music I heard was one of their songs. A debate was had on whether or not one instrument came in early, if it was fine the way it was or if maybe it was too prominent. This went on for at least an hour. One person, we’ll call him Frank as I didn’t catch his name, was telling the other, Robby (I did catch his name) to no overthink it or feel self-conscious because “I know you. You get self-conscious when people give you feedback.” This debate ended with Robby telling Frank “I love you. You get me. You’re the only one that tells me like it is. I’m so happy to have you managing me and love being in a band with you.” Seriously Robby, it took over an hour for you to understand what Frank was telling you? He was saying the exact same thing over and over.

After the debate was over and everyone was feeling loved, Robby said “Let’s get some girls to come over and party.” He proceeded to call an escort service. While he knew what hotel he was in and that he was on The Sunset Strip, he didn’t know the address. Apparently the person on the other line didn’t know the hotel or The Strip. He finally gives her an address and repeats something she said about 100 and something street. Turns out whatever service he called was in Hollywood, Florida and not Hollywood, California. “Oh, that explains why she didn’t know the hotel.” What a winner.

He calls a local escort service to request a girl to come over. I’ve never knowingly known someone that has called an escort service. I do not know what the process is, but it did not sound like he needed to describe the type of girl he wanted. I didn’t hear anything about hair color, race, age, etc. He did have to give his name, which is how I found out what his name was. After hanging up he told Frank that the girl would be meeting him in the lobby and that he wanted to go to the bar for a while. Maybe only a minute later his phone rings and it’s the girl confirming she is on her way.

Before she arrives, Frank tells Robby “Do this line of cocaine, take the beer and the jaeger and have a great time.” There is some discussion about if they are splitting the coke evenly and then it sounds like they spill some of it out of a cup. I could actually hear the snorting and then breathing out their noses. I immediately saw James Spader in “Pretty in Pink” as I hear this because it sounded like what you see in movies. I could picture them wiping their nose and shaking their head.

They figure out who’s keeping what booze and drugs and Robby leaves and says he’ll be back at 6am. But says he’ll bring the girl back if she’s willing to ‘party’ with both of them. It’s now about 2:30-3am. All I could think is please don’t want to party. I don’t know if I can handle listening to both of you having sex with a hooker.

Frank is up for a bit. I can hear him snort some more cocaine and belch more than once. I can also hear him get into bed, sigh and make a few more noises before there is silence. At some point in the middle of the night Robby comes back with his ‘escort’ just so Frank can see what he looks like. There are a few pleasantries exchanged and they leave.

I woke up around 7-7:30am. At about 8am I hear the Frank wake up and repeatedly say “Shit, shit, shit.” I guess he actually needed to be up at 6am? He calls Robby but it appears he gets no answer so he proceeds to get ready. At 8:30am the phone next door rings and rings and rings. Frank was getting ready so he did not answer the phone. It rings and rings and rings again. Finally he answers the phone and says he’s up and getting ready. Robby comes by and I hear them talk about the ‘escort’ and what happened as Frank finishes packing despite the fact that he is going to miss his flight. It’s now 9am and his flight is at 10am. You can’t even get to the freeway by 10am in morning commute traffic.

They talked about how Robby brought the girl over so that Frank could see that she was cute. It turns out the girl was only 19 years old. Apparently there was a sparkle in her eye; she’s not yet jaded and obviously hasn’t been doing this very long because she didn’t look “worn”. Nice guys, nice. Robby and she did have sex. He gave her an orgasm but Robby “couldn’t get there, but she was worth the money” (~$225). Frank said, “Well at least she was worth the money to fake an orgasm.” Robby of course had to defend himself and say that he KNEW he had given her an orgasm and that he would be able to tell if she was faking. Right. Hate to break it to you (well not really), but she was faking. Isn’t that what you paid her for? To make you feel like a stud?

Since I could hear them loud and clear I was holding in my laughter. This all sounds unbelievable, but it is too crazy to be made up. My imagination is just not this creative. Moral of the story, never stay at The Grafton on Sunset and stay the hell away from musicians. They are too sensitive and self-conscious in one instant and complete sleaze balls in another.

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