The Presidents of the United States of America Take Me Back to College

Date: May 24, 2013
City: San Francisco, CA
Venue: The Independent
Artist: The Presidents of the United States of America
Opening Act(s): Eternal Summers

Presidents of the United States of America

The self-titled debut album of The Presidents of the United States of America was released in 1995 – my senior year of college. “Kitty”, “Lump”, “Peaches” and “Dune Buggy” were in constant rotation on KWOD 106.5, the local alternative station. (Sadly KWOD is no more.) “Lump” was also very popular at frat parties.

It was announced that The Presidents were coming to The Independent, a great small venue in San Francisco and that they were going to play their debut album in its entirety. I was not going to miss out on my opportunity to relive a part of college.

In addition to the entire debut album, they also performed favorites like “Volcano”, and “More Bad Times” as well as a cover of the Buggles’ “Video Killed the Radio Star”. The Presidents of the United States of America put on a great fun show. They interacted with the crowd, told stories and honestly looked like they were enjoying themselves. I love it when bands don’t take themselves too seriously and can show that they are excited to be performing and able to do it for a living.

The crowd was fantastic – singing along and jumping up and down. I felt like I was back in college at a Phi Delta Theta party in the Building C Townhouses. The only thing missing were my college girlfriends dancing along side me. The Presidents are a must see band for anyone who likes to have a good time.

Eternal Summers was the opening band. While I enjoyed the drumbeats and bass I could not stand the lead singer’s voice. A song would start and I would be into the music but as soon as the lead singer started to sing I was completely disinterested. Her voiced ruined every song. By the fourth song I was annoyed and ready for them to be done. Thankfully The Presidents’ set more than made up for how awful the opening band was.

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