The Ting Tings at The Fillmore

Date: March 25, 2012
City: San Francisco, CA
Venue: The Fillmore
Artist: The Ting Tings
Opening Act(s): MNDR

The Ting Tings

I saw that The Ting Tings were going to play at The Fillmore so decided to check them out live. “That’s Not My Name” got so much radio play that I couldn’t stand the song. Somehow I never got sick of “Shut Up and Let Me Go” despite the fact that it was in the iPod commercial. I figured seeing them headline at a smaller venue would be better than seeing them as the opening act at an arena size show.

The Ting Tings, Jules De Martino and Katie White, are a true duo in that they do not have a phantom band member perform with them on stage. They each play multiple instruments and sing. They sound just like their album, which shows that they are true musicians. It really is a sight to see them move from different instruments or play more than one at a time during their set.

Katie White apologized for not being high energy because she had her appendix taken out a few days prior. I could not tell that she had had surgery by her performance. She was jumping up and down with her guitar strapped on her back just like when I had seen them perform on late night TV shows. I enjoyed the show.

MNDR was the opening act. According to Wikipedia this is a duo, but Amanda Warner performs by herself on stage as MNDR her “artist name”. I found her stage presence grating and her sound wasn’t my thing.

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