Kaiser Chiefs at The Fillmore

Date: March 20, 2012
City: San Francisco, CA
Venue: The Fillmore
Artist: Kaiser Chiefs
Opening Act(s): Walk The Moon, Transfer

Kaiser Chiefs

The Kaiser Chiefs are an English rock band. “I Predict a Riot” is the song that I immediately think of when I think of the Kaiser Chiefs. There was no riot or angry mob, as their songs may suggest, but it was a sold out crowd.

I always like to find the hardcore fan(s) at a show. For this show it was the guy standing behind. He had brought a date to the show, a girl who had not seen Kaiser Chiefs before. Listening to him tell his date about all the times he had seen the band and sharing his knowledge on their history was amusing.

He was a bit disappointed that the crowd wasn’t as enthusiastic as previous shows he’s been to when Kaiser Chiefs played “Angry Mob”. Apparently we should have been yelling, “We are the angry mob, We read the papers everyday day, We like who like, We hate who we hate, But we’re also easily swayed” as if we were really an angry mob.

While the crowd may not have been as enthusiastic as the guy standing behind me would have liked, it was a good show. I was happy that the Kaiser Chiefs played all the songs that I knew and was hoping to hear – “Ruby”, “I Predict a Riot”, and “Everyday I Love You Less and Less”.

Transfer and Walk The Moon opened up. Both were good, but I really enjoyed the drumming that Walk The Moon had in their set. It reminded me of 311. Walk The Moon have since become pretty popular.

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1 Response to Kaiser Chiefs at The Fillmore

  1. londongigger says:

    The Kaiser’s have always been a good solid mid-way Indie band but they haven’t quite re-captured the public imagination again like they did in the 2000’s. I was likely at enough to see them at their very height when Yours Truly Angry Mob came out and we were in the Theatre watching just hours after this album hit No.1 in the UK. I predict a riot nearly brought the house down -literally as the pillars supporting the balcony were swaying. A truly amazing gig.

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