Pitbull and Ke$ha Bring the Dance Party

Date: June 14, 2013
City: Mountain View, CA
Venue: Shoreline Amphitheater
Artist: Pitbull
Opening Act(s): Ke$ha, Jump Smokers, Justice Crew

I wouldn’t consider myself a big fan of either Pitbull or Ke$ha, but they both have very catchy songs that make you want to move your ‘culo’. I bought tickets to their show expecting an absolute spectacle and good time. I was not disappointed.

Justice Crew

The show started with a dance crew consisting of seven guys from Australia called Justice Crew. They did some synchronized dancing including flips. As they were dancing I was thinking it was like watching a boy band. After a few songs they each had microphones and sang a couple of original songs. Turns out they are a boy band!


Ke$ha was on next. This portion of the show was so bad it was good. If you know Ke$ha’s music you know it’s pretty raunchy. Her show was no different. Her dancers came out with swords and did a sort of samurai dance before Ke$ha appeared on stage to perform “Warrior”. They all left the stage after three or four songs and came out on a half dome jungle gym with a stripper pole. She and her dancers dangled off this thing and worked the pole. They all had a ‘sander’ that they ran across a metal plate on their crotches that produced sparks.

The Ke$ha fans were easily spotted in the crowd. They were all dressed in skimpy tops and booty shorts with messy hair and body glitter. They all went wild when she performed her bigger hits like “We R Who We R”, “Tik Tok”, “Blah Blah Blah” and “Your Love Is My Drug”. Her show was just good trashy fun with dancers dressed as furries, penises and bad drag queens. I got the spectacle I was hoping for.

Jump Smokers, a DJ act that has done a lot of remixes for Pitbull, kept the party going as Pitbull’s stage was being set up. They got the crowd jumping, singing along and PUMPED for Pitbull to hit the stage.


I was very curious to see how Pitbull’s set was going to go because most of his songs are duets with other artists. I wasn’t sure if he was going to have a couple of back up singers take those parts or play video footage of those artists. Thankfully it was the latter.

Pitbull started the party with “Mr. Worldwide”. He engaged the crowd with stories about how people ask him why he doesn’t make music for the streets anymore. His response is that he started making music to get off the streets. That’s why he has the lyric “Took my life from negative to positive” in “Give Me Everything”. This is also why he wears suits. It shows growth and maturity. I appreciate that he wears a suit and doesn’t have his pants hanging half way off his butt.

The crowd jumped up and down throughout the show just like they do in his videos. He performed all of his biggest hits including “I’m From Miami Trick”, “I Know You Want Me”, “International Love”, “Don’t Stop the Party”, “Culo”, “On the Floor”, “Feel This Moment” and of course “Give Me Everything”. There were occasionally snippets of other songs that Pitbull did not perform – “Sweet Child O’ Mine” by Guns N’ Roses, “(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)” by Beastie Boys and “I Like It” by Icona Pop.

The entire show was fun and high energy. I felt like I had spent my evening at a dance club and was bummed when it ended.

Pitbull (2)

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