Bone Bash XIV Rocks Shoreline

Date: June 14, 2013
City: Mountain View, CA
Venue: Shoreline Amphitheater
Artist: Bad Company
Opening Act(s): Lynryd Skynryd, Night Ranger and Black Stone Cherry

I listen to different genres of music and will pretty much attend any show of a band I know at least one song but the rock shows are the best. This concert reaffirmed that.

The show opened with Black Stone Cherry. I admit I had not heard of this band prior to seeing them on the ticket. They were pure rock and roll and won me over with songs “White Trash Millionaire” and “Blame It On The Boom-Boom”. They were a great choice to kick off the show.

Night Ranger

Next up was Bay Area band Night Ranger. I was taken back to the mid-80s with songs like “Don’t Tell Me You Love Me”, “When You Close Your Eyes” and “Sister Christian”. They even did “High Enough” from the Damn Yankees since the Jack Blades used to be in that band.

Lynryd Skynryd

The tragic plane crash that took the lives of several Lynryd Skynryd members including lead singer Ronnie Van Zant is well known. It is remarkable that this band managed to continue on after a 10-year hiatus. Johnny Van Zant does an amazing job taking his brother’s place as lead singer.

They started the show with “What’s Your Name” and kept the crowd rocking with “Saturday Night Special” and “Gimme Three Steps”. They closed out with “Sweet Home Alabama” before doing an encore of “Freebird” – the song that at least one person will yell out at any show. During “Freebird” they showed still images of band and crew members that have passed.

Bad Company

Bad Company, celebrating 40 years as a band, headlined the show. Lead singer, Paul Rodgers’ voice is as strong as ever. They performed classics like “Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy”, “Feel Like Makin’ Love”, “Can’t Get Enough” and “Bad Company”. Paul got the crowd singing along to several songs including “Shooting Star”. I love when the band moves away from the mics and you can hear the crowd singing every word. I can only imagine how that makes the band feel.

I had never seen any of these bands before. It was great to have them all on one ticket. Bone Bash is a great event that allows me to cross off more legendary bands off my list. I’m looking forward to seeing who will be on the ticket next year.

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