Megan Holiday’s Mega Music Mixer

Date: July 13, 2013
City: San Francisco, CA
Venue: Neck of the Woods
Artist: The Trophy Fire
Opening Act(s): Anya & The Get Down, The Trims, Vela Eyes, and Nexus Rock

Megan Holiday, DJ at Live 105, put together a free show of five Bay Area bands at Neck of the Woods. This was a great opportunity to check out bands I hadn’t seen before and to also see The Trims once again. I’m reviewing each band in the order in which they performed.

Nexus Rock

Nexus Rock

First up was Nexus Rock. This band consists of five guys from Oakland. They had a Reggae/Long Beach vibe. Some songs reminded me of 311 or Sublime. They were a lot of fun and got the crowd going. Several people were dancing at the front by the stage. Their keyboardist, J.j. Jallah Keyz, had his keyboard set up so that he could flip it towards the crowd to allow us to see him play. This was a great way to start the show.

Vela Eyes

Vela Eyes

This is a five-piece band from San Francisco. They describe themselves as “Stargaze Indie Rock” on their Facebook page. They were kind of a let down after Nexus Rock’s upbeat set. They sounded fine, just too mellow for my taste. I was also distracted by the hole in the bass player’s, Nate Higley, sweater and the fact that lead singer, Florie Maschmeyer, kept adjusting the belt around her dress. This was my least favorite band of the night.

The Trims

The Trims

I saw The Trims for the first when they performed on the Local Band Stage at BFD 2013 earlier this summer. I had enjoyed their set at BFD and was excited to see them again. I was not disappointed seeing them a second time. They were my favorite band of the night and not because I was able to meet the lead singer, Gabriel Maciel, take a picture with him and have him sign my CD. (All it cost me was a Jack & Coke.) They have a good stage presence and their music made me dance around. I like music that makes me want to move and not just sway.

Unfortunately for me The Trims are based in San Jose and play most of their shows there. I’m hoping they will play more shows in San Francisco so that I can see them again. You should check them out at a show near you. In the meantime you can hear their album here.

Anya & The Get Down

Anya & The Get Down

Anya & The Get Down is usually a four-piece band but this night they were a three-piece. Their drummer couldn’t make the show. I believe it was due to illness. I had never seen Anya & The Get Down before. They did play Live 105’s BFD 2013 but their set was up against Fitz & The Tantrums. I’m a huge Fitz fan so I chose to see them instead. Having nothing to compare their set to, I didn’t feel that anything was missing.

Their music is fairly eclectic – soulful with reggae, rock and jazz influences. It makes you want to groove and ‘get down’. I will definitely need to see them when they have their drummer with them. You can listen and watch videos here.

The Trophy Fire

The Trophy Fire

The Trophy Fire is a three-piece rock band from San Francisco. They’ve been getting some good airplay for their song “Hey Dreamer” on Live 105’s Soundcheck. even has their video for “Spinning” on their site. You can view it here. I consider The Trophy Fire a more traditional rock band. I enjoyed their set. 

This was a great show – five local bands for free at a great small venue in San Francisco. Seeing local bands at small venues gives you the opportunity to mix and mingle with the bands because they stick around to watch the other bands too. I was able to meet a few people from each of the bands.

Megan Holiday made great selections for her first showcase. I’m looking forward to seeing what she plans next.

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1 Response to Megan Holiday’s Mega Music Mixer

  1. Kanoa says:

    I agree with your review of the bands 🙂 As far as the Trims, they will be back at Neck of the Woods for sure, we loved their set. Megan’s next Live 105 event with us is at the end of September, keep an eye out for it!

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