The St. Valentinez Steal the Show at Milk Bar

Date: July 19, 2013
City: San Francisco, CA
Venue: Milk Bar
Artist: The Peach Kings
Opening Act(s): The St. Valentinez, Baby and the Luvies

I see a lot of big names in arenas, amphitheaters and auditoriums. I love to see the bands that make you turn up the radio when their songs are played, but it’s also fun to search out new, up and coming bands from your own backyard.

The Peach Kings

The Peach Kings

The Peach Kings consists of singer Paige Wood and guitarist Steven Dies. I was disappointed because their sound was completely different than the first two bands. Steven Dies is a talented guitarist, but overall their music just wasn’t of interest to me. They were my least favorite group of the night. You can make up your own mind about them by listening to their music here.

The St. Valentinez

The St. Valentinez

This 8-piece band was my favorite of the night. Their Facebook page says they are “an R&B/Hip Hop/Funk/Soul group”. I call it funky, booty shaking music. The entire band is under the age of 21 as called out by the big X on their hands at this 21+ venue. Lead singer Will “Esquire” Randolph V is very charismatic and held the audiences attention. The voice of the lead guitarist and vocalist, Simone “Flower Child” Franchesca, was noticeably not up to par when she sang with lead singer. She also seemed the least comfortable on stage. But she’s young and has plenty of time to develop further. Both the lead singer and their MC, De’Andre Wright, jumped off stage and danced with the crowd towards the end of their set. I was entertained from beginning to end. Check out The St. Valentinez music here.

Baby and the Luvies

Baby and the Luvies

The show stated with 10-piece band Baby and the Luvies. Ilana Diamond is the lead singer of the band. She has an ok voice, but I felt that back up singer and keyboardist Lessley Anderson who took the lead on one song had a better voice albeit less stage presence. Five of members of the band are the horn section. The trumpet players, Zach Wookey and Edward Walter, were obviously having a great time on stage. They sang along (without mics) and got the audience clapping along. I enjoy bands with horn sections. They are a flash back to the funk bands of the 70s that made you want to groove. Baby and the Luvies definitely got me moving. You can listen to their music here.

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