Year of the Snake

Date: August 9, 2013
City: San Francisco, CA
Venue: The Warfield
Artist: Whitesnake
Opening Act(s): Red Line Chemistry


Whenever I think of Whitesnake I’m immediately taken back to Tawny Kitaen writhing around on a car in the band’s videos. There have been changes to the Whitesnake lineup over the years, but David Coverdale is still lead singer. He’s looking a bit worn and wears orthopedic looking sneakers, but his voice is still strong and the younger members of his band help to keep the energy up.

I felt that David Coverdale was trying too hard to be sexy. He used the microphone stand as if it was his penis, had his shirt unbuttoned to mid-chest, licked his fingers and rubbed his nipple, and looked at girls in the audience like he wanted to devour him. It seemed more ‘creepy old man’ than sexy. He thanked the audience for coming to the show especially when there was a Beatle in town. Paul McCartney was playing the first night of Outside Lands.

Each band member had a solo. Sixty-three year old drummer Tommy Aldridge, who originally joined the band in 1987, had an amazing solo. He played the hell of his drum kit with and without drumsticks. Doug Aldrich and Reb Beach did dueling guitar solos. Both were phenomenal guitarists. Pure rock ‘n roll.

Coverdale’s son Jasper, 17, came on stage to sing a portion of “Steal Your Heart Away”. He put in a good effort but he does not have the strength in his voice that his dad does. They performed the hits I wanted to hear, “Is This Love” and “Here I Go Again” and closed out the show with “Still of the Night”.

Red Line Chemistry from Kansas City opened the show. They were loud the way hard rock is supposed to be. The lead singer, Brett Ditgen, was very high energy and had an amazing scream.

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