Selebrities Put Me In A John Hughes Film

Date: August 18, 2013
City: San Francisco, CA
Venue: Neck of the Woods
Artist: Selebrities
Opening Act(s): Rare Times

I won tickets to this show through Tixie. I figured it was a good opportunity to see new bands in a small venue. While Rare Times was not my cup of tea, Selebrities made up for the slow start.


Selebrities is a band from New York consisting of Maria Usbeck, Jer Robert Paulin, Max Peterson and Joshua Michael Paulin. Their set started off slow causing me some concern after the opener. After a few songs, their music grew on me and began to remind me a bit of 80s synth pop. Their Facebook page lists John Hughes as an influence, which explains why scenes from “Sixteen Candles” flashed through my head. They had a lot more energy on stage than the first band. Maria’s dancing on stage made you want to dance too. Their set saved the night for me. You can listen to their music here.

Rare Times

Rare Times from Los Angeles opened the show. The band consists of Anthony Calonico, Alex Talan, Chris Parise, and Marcus Andersson. When they were setting up their equipment and doing their sound check the lead singer, Anthony Calonico, sang a portion of “You Belong With Me” by Taylor Swift. I had such high hopes for their performance after that because I felt that he had a sense of humor and would be entertaining. Sadly, I was disappointed. The slow melodies and their lack of energy bored me. There was zero stage presence.

They did have a few fans in attendance and from what I’ve read others think they are great. You can decide for yourself by listening here, but keep in mind that these are produced songs and not a live performance.

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