Moving Units and The Trims at DNA Lounge

Date: September 11, 2013
City: San Francisco, CA
Venue: DNA Lounge
Artist: Moving Units
Opening Act(s): The Trims, Some Ember

Moving Units

Moving Units

Moving Units, formed in 2001, is described as a “dance-punk band from Los Angeles on Wikipedia. Currently Blake Miller is the only original member in the band. While I wasn’t aware of this group before this show I enjoy their set. I agree with the “dance-punk” description of their music. The guitar and drums make it fairly punk but there is also something about their sound that makes you want to dance and not just pump your fist. The song I enjoyed the most was “I Wanna Go Dancing”, which I think sounds better live. I’d see them again.

The Trims

The Trims

This San Jose band is why I went to this show. The Trims are a four-piece band consisting of Bryan Aguirre (lead guitar), Billy Brady (drums), Gabriel Maciel (vocals and rhythm guitar) and Tadashi Mori (bass). Tadashi Mori had a lot of fans in the audience that kept calling out his name. Unfortunately their set was shorter set than it should have been because the first band started late and of course the headliner deserves to have their full set. They only performed six songs and didn’t play my personal favorite “We Are”. Even though the set was shorter than it should have been I still really like this band. This is my third time seeing them and I plan to try to see The Trims every time they perform in San Francisco.

Some Ember

Some Ember

Some Ember is a two-member group that consists of Dylan Travis and Nina Chase. Dylan Travis started their set alone while Nina Chase walked through the crowd in a black veil and net black ‘dress’ over a black bra and booty shorts. As she walked through the crowd up to the stage she handed people sparkly ‘jewels’. Most of these ended up being dropped on the floor. A photographer I spoke with after their set mentioned he almost slipped on them several times. They did not seem like a good fit for the other two bands. Their only instruments were two keyboards. I was bored. There at least needs to be a real set of drums or a guitar to get me interested. Sadly the jewels were the most memorable part of their set.

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