Pink Brings The Truth About Love to Oracle Arena

Date: October 10, 2013
City: Oakland, CA
Venue: Oracle Arena
Artist: Pink
Opening Act(s): New Politics


I saw Pink in 2002 at The Warfield when she toured in support of her Missundaztood album. I thought she was talented then without the major production. It was interesting to see her again 11 years later now that she is a mega star.

The Truth About Love started with a ‘ringleader’ creeping through the audience. At one point he stopped at a bald man and put the tip of his tongue to his head. The audience was laughing, but I found that gross and unsanitary. He announced himself as our host for the evening and ‘selected’ a person from the audience to find out the truth about love. This person was Pink, of course, selected out of a video of her sitting in an audience.

Pink came out singing “Raise Your Glass” while dangling from a three-ring metal contraption that reminded me of the rings that the 2012 US Olympic Gymnastics team used during their tour. From there Pink moved from dancing and flying as she sang “U & Ur Hand”, “Try”, “Sober”, “Just Like a Pill”, “Trouble”, a cover of Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game” and more.

The host was there to vamp the crowd while Pink went through costume changes. Sometimes this work, but at other times it didn’t really seem to fit. Hearing the band play while the dancers performed may have been a better transition for some sections of the show. The circus aspect was also reminiscent of Christina Aguilera’s 2007 “Back to Basics” tour. There were also a few risqué moments that reminded me of Zumanity.


For “The Great Escape” sat in front of a piano and stated that she tries to learn something new each tour, something that scares her. This tour she decided to learn how to play the an entire song on the piano. She had to start over a few times, but wasn’t afraid to admit that she messed up and kept at it. She also did a portion of her set acoustic where she performed “Who Knew”, Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time”, and “F**kin’ Perfect”. It was nice to hear all of these songs stripped down. It really showcases her talent and the strength of her voice.


During one of the costume changes, there was video of Pink growing up and just starting out in the business. As soon as the cover of her debut album “Can’t Take You Home” popped onto the screen the crowd went crazy. Pink treated us to a medley of “Most Girls”, “There You Go” and “You Make Me Sick”. Afterwards she plopped onto the stage and said dancing was hard and that flying is so much easier. I suppose cardio-wise dancing would be harder but I would think that having to control your body muscles and your voice as you are dangling in the air would be more physically strenuous.


“So What” is the part of the show that everyone has probably seen on YouTube, Vine, Instagram or friends’ Facebook pages is when Pink flies around the arena and gets really close to almost allowing the crowd to touch her, but never quite letting it happen. It looks like it would be a lot of fun to do that. How she manages to sing live, which she does, and control where she is going is beyond me. I suppose that is what makes it so cool.

I really loved this show. Not only is Pink an incredible singer she is a great entertainer. She is not afraid to be herself, make fun of herself or point out when she’s made a mistake. You have to respect someone like that. This is a must see show for anyone that enjoys her music. You don’t have to be a super fan.

New Politics

Denmark band New Politics opened up the show. Their single “Harlem” has gotten some radio play on Live 105. Even though they are a rock band, their lead singer David Boyd has some serious breakdancing moves. They were positive, high energy and a great way to kick off the show. I’m looking forward to them coming back through San Francisco on their own tour. You should check out their music here.

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