Voodoo Experience 2011 Day 2

Date: October 29, 2011
City: New Orleans, LA
Venue: City Park

I didn’t know as many bands on the schedule for day 2 so I spent a portion of the day walking around checking out the vendors and non-music tents. There was a Garnier Fructis Salon where you could get your hair done; Fuse was there giving out free stuff; and Toyota had a tent where you could do different activities including making Shrinky Dinks.

Deep Fried Oreos

I had my first taste of deep fried Oreos. They were SO good. I didn’t know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised to find out that it was deep-fried chocolaty goodness.

I did see portions of a few bands’ sets as I was walking around the park. I did make it a point to see the full sets of two bands.

OZOMATLI – Seven-piece band from Los Angeles. A former coworker introduced me to Ozomatli in the early 2000s. I found their music to be a lot of fun and the kind that made you want to move. Seeing them live was exactly the same. They even came out into the audience for their last song.








X – Punk rock band from Los Angeles formed in 1977. I wasn’t fully aware of X prior to seeing them. The guy standing next to me was going crazy over this band. He was excited that they were playing the album “Los Angeles” in its entirety.


Blink-182 was the headliner for night two. While I like their music, I was not impressed by their performance when I had seen them in 2002. I decided to leave the park early again. A lot of other people must have thought the same thing since there was a large group of people waiting for the bus and streetcar back to the hotel.

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