Jessie Ware at The Fillmore

Date: November 18, 2013
City: San Francisco, CA
Venue: The Fillmore
Artist: Jessie Ware
Opening Act(s): The Invisible

Jessie Ware

“Wildest Moments” is the one song of Jessie Ware’s that I am aware of. The video was on the VH1 Top Twenty Countdown for a while. I think Jessie Ware has a beautiful voice, but chose not to see her when she was performing at Lollapalooza because I felt she was too mellow for a festival experience. The Fillmore was a much better venue for her musical style.

Jessie Ware started the show with a Marvin Gaye cover, “No To Love / I Want You”. She then sang several of her songs before covering “What You Won’t Do for Love” by Bobby Caldwell. She sounded great and worked the stage well. She looked like she was having a good time and didn’t seem to take herself to seriously.

There was a group of four guys that were super excited about the show. They knew every song. Jessie Ware pointed them out and talked to them a bit. Then she said she recognized one of them. “We’re you the guy on Twitter that posted ‘Getting ready for Jessie Ware at The Fillmore?’ as you posed in front of the mirror like this?” She then posed like the mirror selfies we’ve all seen. The guys went crazy.

I was surprised she sang “Wildest Moments” before her encore. I figured she would close with this because I thought it was her biggest hit in the US. After “Wildest Moments” she performed “Running” and then left the stage. For her encore, she sang Martika’s “Love…Thy Will Be Done” before ending the show with “True Believers”.

The Invisible, an English band from London, opened up the show. Their music reminded me of what I would hear in a coffee shop. They also played a few songs with Jessie Ware during her set.

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