Michael Bublé Charms Oracle Arena

Date: November 30, 2013
City: Oakland, CA
Venue: Oracle Arena
Artist: Michael Bublé
Opening Act(s): Naturally 7

Michael Bublé

Michael Bublé started the show with a cover of “Fever” as he came out from behind an opening of flames burning on LED screens. He slid down a slant in the stage before his band slid in behind him on their moving stages for “Haven’t Met You Yet”, the song that first made me aware of Michael Bublé.

After covering “Try a Little Tenderness” Michael began interacting with the audience. He read the signs people had created and spotted one that a couple had made that said it was their I believe 15 year anniversary and asked for a hug. He had them come up to the front so that he could give them a hug and then told them to come back with their sign so he could autograph it.

A woman in the audience gave him an Oakland Raiders onesie because his wife had recently had a baby. Michael spent a bit of time talking about how everyone always cheers for him when he talks about how he is a new father when it was his wife that did all the work.

Michael Bublé

Michael said that the night would be like dating. We’d start slow and get to know each other before heating things up. He continued the show with “You Make Me Feel So Young”, “Moondance”, “Come Dance with Me”, “Feeling Good”, “I’ve Got the World on a String”, “Everything”, “That’s All”, and “Close Your Eyes”.

I loved the way he introduced the horn section of his band. It was similar to when athletes are introduced on television broadcasts. He had the graphics of each person on screen with their college and “draft date” as he introduced them with a story of how each joined the band.

As soon as the first few notes of the next song were played a couple of people wooed. Michael told the band to stop and told the audience that they didn’t know what the song was because they couldn’t know just off the first few notes. He began to sing “Don’t Stop Believin’” and got the entire arena to sing along. Afterwards he said that those people in the audience that had wooed did know what the song was and began to sing “You Don’t Know Me”.

Michael Bublé

Next up was “Home” which he dedicated to the men and women serving in the military. After this song Michael said it was time to get to the dancing portion of our date. He covered “Get Lucky” as he walked to the stage that had been built around the soundboards. Here he performed “Who’s Loving You” and “I Want You Back” with Naturally 7.

He then performed “To Love Somebody” and The Beatles’ “All You Need Is Love” as he walked back to the main stage heart shaped confetti shot into the air. Back on the main stage Michael performed “Burning Love”, “It’s a Beautiful Day”, Julie London’s “Cry Me a River” and “Save the Last Dance for Me”.

Michael Bublé

Michael said that he had thought about doing a Christmas song, but wasn’t sure if he should. The audience encouraged him to do one with their cheering. He asked what song he should sing and was listening to everyone shout out songs. “The Mariah Carey song?” he said. “We tried that in rehearsal and it didn’t go well. If we mess it up you can’t boo us.” He realized he had missed one of the verses in “All I Want for Christmas Is You” so he stopped the band and had them restart it again.

The show ended with Michael singing “A Song for You” A cappella after asking everyone to be really quiet. I was amazed that he was able to project his voice so well in such a large venue. Michael was adorable, charming and funny throughout the show.

Naturally 7

Naturally 7 opened up the show. According to the couple sitting next to me they have opened up for Michael Bublé every time they have seen him. They are a group of seven guys that perform A cappella or what they like to call “Vocal Play”. Every sound is made with their voice – the drums, bass, electric guitar, horns, everything. They were outstanding.

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