Mariachi Sol de México de José Hernández

Date: December 8, 2013
City: San Francisco, CA
Venue: Davies Symphony Hall
Artist: Mariachi Sol de México de José Hernández
Opening Act(s): n/a

Mariachi Sol de México de José Hernandez

I was never a fan of mariachis growing up even though they were at every party, quinceañera, and wedding. I found them too loud and didn’t understand what they were singing because I didn’t speak Spanish. As I’ve gotten older I’ve gained a bit of an appreciation for mariachis. In the right setting, like Davies Symphony Hall, they can be very pleasant.

To get into the holiday spirit last year, I went to Davies Symphony Hall to see Mariachi Sol de México de José Hernández. Since the performance was in December I figured they would play several Christmas songs. Since I’m still not a Spanish speaker, I thought that even though I may not understand all of what they were singing I would at least know the song by the music. I enjoyed the show so much that I decided to make it an annual tradition.

Mariachi Sol de México de José Hernández came back to Davies Symphony Hall this year. The group consists of six violins, three trumpets, three guitars and one harp. Several of the guys take turns singing at center stage. They switched up their set a bit from last year playing a few new songs as well keeping the classics from last year.

No Mariachi show is complete without “Volver Volver” being sung. Similar to last year, José talked about how he wanted the men to sing the chorus with him because “the men are the ones that suffer the most”. The men didn’t give it their all and the women had to show them how it was done. José tried to get everyone to pause before the third volver in the chorus, but the crowd was feeling it too much to pause for as long as he wanted. The same thing happened last year and I look forward to it happening again next year.

Here Vicente Fernández, a true mariachi legend, performing “Volver Volver”.

José Hernández introduced the last song of the night by talking about how he had dreamed he was having breakfast with Tchaikovsky. In the dream Tchaikovsky had asked him why he had never put together anything to perform his works in mariachi style. The show ended with a beautiful rendition of “The Nutcraker”. I am definitely going to continue this an annual tradition.

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