Inaugural Year of Life is Beautiful – Day 2

Date: October 27, 2013
City: Las Vegas, NV
Venue: Downtown Las Vegas

Life is Beautiful Festival

This being the inaugural year, I spent a lot of time walking around to check out the lay of the land. I thought the fact that the bars, restaurants and casinos enclosed in the festival area were open for business was great for the businesses and also nice for the attendees. There were also several food tents, a food truck area and a wine and beer garden.

Life is Beautiful Festival

A green space was created in between two motels that were turned into art galleries to feature the work of local artists. There were also several murals throughout the festival area, one of which was 3-D.

Life is Beautiful Festival

LIVING COLOUR – I remember when “Cult of Personality” used to get heavy video play on MTV. These guys rocked their set.

Living Colour

HAIM – I had tried to see these sisters at Lollapalooza but the schedule was switched around and I didn’t get the chance. I’m glad I was able to see them this go around. They were very high energy and sounded good.


JANELLE MONÁE – She blew me away with her soulful voice and Motown sound.

Janelle Monáe

THE JOY FORMIDABLE – Welsh alternative rock band

The Joy Formidable

I had been sick earlier in the week before flying to Vegas and the dryness was killing my sinuses so I decided to call it a night after The Joy Formidable. It was a great inaugural year. I’m looking forward to seeing this festival continue. It will be interesting to see how it grows just like I’ve seen Lollapalooza grow over time.

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