Justin Timberlake The 20/20 Experience

Date: January 19, 2014
City: San Jose, CA
Venue: SAP Center
Artist: Justin Timberlake
Opening Act(s): n/a

Justin Timberlake

In 2003 I saw Justin Timberlake when he and Christina Aguilera were on their “Justified & Stripped” tour. I was definitely impressed by how talented he was as I had really only considered him a boy bander. Don’t get me wrong, I love boy bands but I didn’t expect him to play instruments too. After his seven-year break between albums, I felt that I had to see him again.

The stage set up was massive. There were what appeared to be white hexagons along the back that extended out further than most stages. It somewhat reminded me of the stage for “The Wall Live” but smaller. There was a VIP section on the floor at the opposite side of the venue that appeared to have a small stage, but I couldn’t figure out how JT would have gotten there without running through the crowd. I’ve seen others do this, but I couldn’t imagine that the crowd would manageable for the event staff had he done that.

I had been listening to “The 20/20 Experience – The Complete Collection” for at least a month prior to this show. While I liked the album I was a bit concerned that many of the songs seemed a bit more mellow that previous albums. Justin did a good job of mixing in the mellower new stuff with the dancier older stuff.

The show started with “Pusher Love Girl”. You could see shadows of a full band and a giant shadow of JT. The spotlight shined on Justin and as the song went on the band and back up singers emerged from underneath the stage. The set up was very big band and reminded me of Michael Bublé’s.

Justin went on to perform the following songs doing all of the dance moves from his videos and getting the crowd to sing along.
• Rock Your Body
• Don’t Hold the Wall
• FutureSex/LoveSound
• Like I Love You
• Let Me Talk To You / My Love
• Strawberry Bubblegum
• Summer Love
• LoveStoned/I Think She Knows
• Until the End of Time
• Holy Grail
• Cry Me a River

Then it was announced, “The 20/20 Experience will continue in 10 minutes.” After this intermission, Justin performed:
• Only When I Walk Away
• True Blood
• Drink You Away
• Tunnel Vision
• Señorita

As he performed “Let the Groove Get In” an entire section of the main stage started to rise up and was moved over to the other end of the arena to the VIP section. He performed “That Girl” on this platform for the crowd at the end of the arena before walking down to the smaller stage on the floor. Here he performed:
• Elvis Presley’s Heartbreak Hotel
• Not A Bad Thing
• Michael Jackson’s Human Nature
• What Goes Around…Comes Around
• Cabaret

Then it was time for JT to make his way back to the main stage as he performed “Take Back the Night”. Justin spent the rest of the night on the main stage and performed:
• Kool & The Gang’s Jungle Boogie
• Murder
• Bell Biv DeVoe’s Poison
• Suite & Tie
• SexyBack

Justin closed the show with “Mirrors”. It was an amazing show. Justin Timberlake performed for almost three full hours. Aside from a DJ vamping the crowd the show was all about The 20/20 Experience. There was no opener, just JT – a modern day legend.

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