Princess Covers the Dirty Prince Songs

Date: February 9, 2014
City: San Francisco, CA
Venue: Mezzanine
Artist: Princess
Opening Act(s): n/a


Princess is a Prince cover band with SNL alum Maya Rudolph and singer-songwriter Gretchen Lieberum on vocals backed up by “other beautiful people”. I had seen a YouTube video of their performance at The Troubadour and could only hope they would come to San Francisco. Thanks to SF Sketchfest I got to see Princess perform at Mezzanine.

The show started with the Wendy and Lisa “Computer Blue” intro, but with Maya and Gretchen using their names. Their first full song was “D.M.S.R.”. Princess immediately got the crowd to sing “Dance Music Sex Romance” with them.

Someone in the crowd had a battery operated neon sign that said “Princess” in the same font as the one on their Facebook page. You could see when Maya first spotted it because she pointed to it and mouthed ‘Wow’. After the first song said she wanted that sign above her bed.

Most of the songs they performed were the more sexually explicit Prince songs including “Dirty Mind”, “Head”, “Jack U Off”, “Sister”, “Controversy”, “Lady Cab Driver”, “Sexuality” and “Tick Tick Bang”. The intro to most of the songs was Maya looking at the set list and saying ‘Oh, we’re doing that one next?’ It seemed like she didn’t know what was next, but she knew every single word to every song so I’m sure it was all part of the act.

When they did “Erotic City” they included a portion of the music from “Sex Shooter” and did the Apollonia 6 dance we all know from “Purple Rain”. They also performed some of Prince’s less sexual songs including “When You Were Mine”, “17 Days” and “The Beautiful Ones”.

Both Maya and Gretchen engaged with the audience throughout the show. Gretchen talked about her lip sweat and Maya said that it was very ‘steamy’ in the venue, but that it was good for her skin and hair. Her face and eyes after this comment were hilarious.

They ended their set with “Darling Nikki” and even sang the noises that can be heard at the end of the song. The encore song was “Purple Rain”. Everyone in the crowd waved their hands from side to side and sang along just like in the movie. The fan with the neon Princess sign gave it to Maya at the end of the show and she held it up. When she was trying to give it back the fan told her she could keep it.

This show was so much fun. Gretchen and Maya sounded great and really got the crowd into it. It was also fun to see the faces Maya would make as well as listen to her talk to the crowd. If you get the chance I highly recommend seeing them.

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