The Tenderloins Steal the Show

Date: February 15, 2014
City: San Francisco, CA
Venue: Neck of the Woods
Artist: Charmless
Opening Act(s): The Skinny Guns, The Tenderloins

The lineup for this show consisted of three East Bay Area bands – Charmless (Oakland), The Skinny Guns (Oakland), and The Tenderloins (Walnut Creek).


Charmless are a modern rock band that formed in 2001. Overall I enjoyed their music, but I had become distracted by the Olympics showing on the TVs in the bar during the previous band’s performance so did not fully pay attention to their set.

The Skinny Guns

When the music started for The Skinny Guns I thought I would like them. Unfortunately, lead singer Somori Pointer’s voice did not match the music. I just felt off to me. I ended up paying more attention to the Olympics than the band.

The Tenderloins

For me, The Tenderloins stole the show. They may have had to perform without their bass player, but lead singer Matthewe Pullinger’s voice was spectacular you didn’t need the bass. It was very bluesy soul and fit very well with the band’s sound. I recommend you all check them out.

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