Zucchero at Great American Music Hall

Date: April 1, 2014
City: San Francisco, CA
Venue: Great American Music Hall
Artist: Zucchero
Opening Act(s): unknown

Zucchero is an Italian singer that I had never heard of before a friend asked if I wanted to go to this show. I listened to some of his stuff online and liked most of the beats in his songs so I figured why not.

This was a seated show at Great American Music Hall. I had never been to a seated show here before. Given that it was a sold out show and there weren’t enough chairs for everyone they could have easily taken out the tables and chairs, sold more tickets and allow more space for people to dance.

At the request of the artist photos were not allowed. They announced that if you were asked more than once to stop taking photos you would be asked to leave. I did see the staff escort a couple of people out for taking photos.

Being Italian, Zucchero rarely spoke English we spoke to the crowd so I have no idea what he said during the show. Despite only recognizing one song – a cover of “Guantanamera” – I enjoyed this show. Zucchero has a great voice and is very talented. He performed several ‘make you want to move’ songs. The most memorable of which was “Baila Morena”. The entire audience got up and danced.

There was an opening act, but they never said their name and weren’t on the bill so I have no idea who they were. They said they usually play heavier rock music but toned it down for this show. None of the four to five songs they sang stuck out. I wonder if I would have liked them more had they played their usual loud set.

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