The Wall Comes to AT&T Park

Date: May 11, 2012
City: San Francisco, CA
Venue: AT&T Park
Artist: Roger Waters
Opening Act(s): N/A

Roger Waters The Wall

I had heard amazing things about this show when it was at HP Pavilion in 2011. I vowed that I would see it the next time it came around. Besides, I needed to check off another legend from my list. This go around Roger Waters was touring ballparks with the largest wall production ever. I chose to sit in View Box so that I could see the entire wall for the full effect.

Roger Waters The Wall (2)

I remember hearing the lyric “Hey! Teacher! Leave them kids alone!” on the radio when I was a kid. I don’t recall ever hearing the rest of the album. This was quite evident when the show started. Turns out the ONLY song I knew from “The Wall” was “Another Brick In The Wall”. A couple of other songs may have sounded vaguely familiar but I didn’t really know them. I had no idea how serious the album was.

The show started with only the side portions of the wall up. It was built throughout the show piece by piece. Each was a LED screen that would light up as it was connected. They were essentially building a massive TV screen to show various videos from actual war footage to freaky cartoons.

During “The Thin Ice” photos of soldiers and civilians were shown on the wall with details of who the person was and how he or she had died. I thought I was going to a typical rock show, turns out “The Wall” is a very political album. I suppose had I been older than 6 when the album came out I would have known.

There was a giant air filled rat on strings like a puppet during “Another Brick In The Wall” that was a bit disturbing and creepy. They had kids from a local school on stage to point and yell “Hey! Teacher! Leave them kids alone!” during the song. They had forgotten that they had to run across the stage and do it on both sides. You could see Roger Waters trying to direct them to do this.

At one point there was a giant blown up pig released into the crowd on the floor. Everyone was trying to tear it apart, but it never deflated or popped. I’m pretty sure it must have had some significance, but I’m not sure what. The effects of the wall being broken down were pretty cool. All the LED screens were up and then through the video it was pulled back until it appeared that only rubble was left.

Roger Waters The Wall (3)

Overall the show was too serious for my taste, but I am happy that I can say that I’ve seen it. Anyone that is a huge Roger Waters, Pink Floyd or “The Wall” fan would really enjoy this. The many people around me that had seen the show multiple times are a good testament to that fact.

Roger Waters The Wall (4)

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