The Trims Perform at Converse Rubber Tracks

Date: September 19, 2013
City: San Francisco, CA
Venue: Converse (Market Street Store)
Artist: The Trims
Opening Act(s): N/A

The Trims

In preparation for the opening of their San Francisco store, Converse bought out Slim’s for an entire week and brought in high profile bands across several genres. They also had advertising across The City featuring local bands and offered up free studio time with experienced engineers that they called “Converse Rubber Tracks”. Now that the store has officially opened, Converse is brining in local bands to perform in store.

The Trims were the band chosen to perform in front of the red, white and blue converse high tops American flag backdrop on the 19th. I’ve been semi-obsessed with The Trims since seeing them on the Local Band Stage at Live 105’s BFD 2013. This was my fourth time seeing them live. They played for about an hour performing songs off their album “Delete You After” as well as debuting a new song.

There was a homeless guy that came into the store to watch the show. I had noticed him rocking out just outside the doors prior to his coming in. I believe he shouted out something to the effect of “F*cking rocks!” He was right. Props to Converse for letting him enjoy the show instead of immediately kicking him out.


Side note: This Converse store is pretty cool. They have a sneaker art installation hanging in the middle of the store. There is also have a section where you can create your own design to have printed on your shoes.

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