Stereophonics at The Fillmore

Date: October 8, 2013
City: San Francisco, CA
Venue: The Fillmore
Artist: Stereophonics
Opening Act(s): The Wind + The Wave


Every now and then I check The Fillmore calendar to see what bands are playing. I had seen Stereophonics on the list and thought that their name sounded familiar but I could think of what their big song may be. I looked them up and listened to a few songs. I still wasn’t sure what their US hit(s) might have been but thought they sounded like a band I’d enjoy seeing.

Stereophonics are a rock band from Wales that formed in 1992. I was thrilled that they always said San Francisco when they did the standard crowd vamping banter – “Hello San Francisco!” and “How are you doing San Francisco?” and not San Fran as many people from the UK or Europe do. Several people around me were very familiar with Stereophonics screaming as soon as they heard the first notes of their favorite songs and singing every word. I love when the crowd is really into it.

Their song titled “Have A Nice Day” is a song about San Francisco. Of course the crowd at The Fillmore screamed as soon as “San Francisco Bay” was said. Other songs that were big hits with the crowd were “Indian Summer” off of their latest album, “Local Boy in the Photograph” and “The Bartender and the Thief”. Despite my not really knowing any of their songs I enjoyed this show. Good music is always fun to see even if you don’t know the words.

Opening for Stereophonics was The Wind and The Wave, a duo from Austin, Texas consisting of Dwight Baker and Patricia Lynn. I really enjoyed their set and was excited that they said San Francisco instead of San Fran. Then I went to their Facebook page to see that they typed “San Fran”. When I pointed out that we hate being called San Fran they responded with “Tough shit”. They just lost a potential fan.

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