The History of The Eagles

Date: January 29, 2014
City: San Jose, CA
Venue: SAP Center
Artist: The Eagles
Opening Act(s): N/A

The Eagles

Before the show started an announcement was made for everyone to turn off cell phones, cameras and tablets. They also said to be aware of the people around you so that everyone could enjoy the show. It was so nice to watch the show without someone’s cell phone screen lit up in front of you as they recorded it. I understand taking a few pictures, I take them for my blog, but the people that record the shows aren’t even enjoying being there.

The show started with Glenn Frey and Don Henley coming out onto a stage with a black cloth backdrop. They gave each other a fist bump before sitting down and performing “Saturday Night”. Next was “Train Leaves Here This Morning”. Afterwards they talk to the crowd about how those two songs are probably the least known in The Eagles songbook. Joe Walsh came out as they performed “Peaceful Easy Feeling”.

They began talking about how The Eagles came to be. Glenn and Don were in Linda Ronstadt’s band when they decided they wanted to start their own. When they told this to Linda she wished them well and suggested they check out Bernie Leadon who played a mean guitar and banjo. Bernie wasn’t with The Eagles for this part of the tour because he was sick and back home in Nashville. Instead Tim Schmit, who joined the band in 1977, came out to play bass.

Throughout the first part of the show, there would be video of Glenn Frey or Don Henley telling stories about the band, their songs and their albums while the stage was being set up for the next set of songs. The black cloth backdrop was taken away and a backdrop of several LED screens emerged.

They told a story of how the Desperado album was inspired by a book about cowboys that one of the band members had given to a mutual friend as a gift. This was the lead in to “Doolin-Dalton”, “Tequila Sunrise” and “Doolin’-Dalton/Desperado (Reprise)”.

The next story was about how they had recorded their first two albums in London because the label wanted them away from ‘distractions’. For their third album they wanted to come home to Los Angeles. They left producer Glyn Johns and interviewed Bill Szymczyk telling him that they wanted to be more involved in the process and wanted to rock more. Bill agreed and The Eagles recorded with him as their producer. Enter “Already Gone” with video of Glenn Frey leaving Michigan and heading towards California. Next was “The Best of My Love” then “Lyin’ Eyes” which Don Henley dedicated to his first wife ‘plaintiff’’.

They announced that they would play a couple more songs and then take a break before coming back to play a lot more songs. The last songs of this part of the set were “One of These Nights” and “Take It to the Limit”.

It was now intermission and I could not believe that they had been playing for 90 minutes. It did not feel like it had been that long at all. Time completely flew by.

The second part of the show began with the same announcement about cell phones, cameras and tablets. There were fewer stories during this part of the show, but Tim Schmit got to tell a few stories about how he had joined the band in 1977 and then within a few years it all just fell apart. This part of the show included:
• “Pretty Maids All in a Row”
• “I Can’t Tell You Why”
• “New Kid in Town”
• “Love Will Keep Us Alive”
• “Heartache Tonight”
• “Those Shoes”

Joe Walsh sang “In the City” and “Life’s Been Good”. He had a camera on his hat that would show some of the people in the audience as he ran around the stage and zoomed in on the crowd. His voice is just incredible, so much better live than the recording. Don Henley sarcastically said, “I’m the lucky one that gets to follow that.” before he sang “The Long Run”. Next were “Funk #49”, a James Gang cover, and “Life in the Fast Lane”.

When The Eagles walked off stage everyone lit up the arena with their cell phone screens. I remember when that used to be done with lighters. The Eagles performed “Hotel California” with everyone in the audience keeping their phones out recording. The phones and cameras were out for the remainder of the show. As annoying as it was to see all the screens I was happy that I was able to get a picture for my blog.

After another “break” The Eagles came out for a second and final encore where they performed “Take It Easy”, “Rocky Mountain Way” and “Desperado”.

This was the best show that I have ever and probably will ever experience. The Eagles blew me away. I grew up listening to them and feel that their music is still relevant today. What an amazing show!

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